LouElla Best Vintage Challenge

Here’s the deal:

Two of our favorite coping mechanisms during the stay-at-home order are running and wine. We think it only makes sense to bring these things together for our next fun challenge for you. As such, we’ve put our heads together with our friends at LouElla Wine, Beer, & Beverage to bring you The LouElla “Best Vintage” Challenge!

How to play:

Your mission is to run a route (must be at least 1 mile long) that creates a map that looks like a wine bottle or glass. Once you’ve uploaded your wine-shaped run to your favorite fitness tracker, take a screenshot of it and share it with us in one of three ways by 11:59pm Eastern on Sunday, May 31st:

  1. Post it to the Durham Social Distance Project Facebook page
  2. Post it to Instagram (Feed or Stories) and tag us @bullcityrunning
  3. Email it to rundrm@gmail.com

(You only have to do ONE of the above!)

All submissions will be sent to our friends at LouElla, who will vote on the best one. The winner will be awarded a $25.00 gift card to LouElla Wine, Beer, & Beverage!

The time frame:

You have until 11:59pm Eastern on Sunday, May 31st to run your route, screenshot your map, and share it with us! And remember, you’re not just running FOR wine, you’re running in the shape of wine!