Marathon Trials Fantasy Draft

Monday, Jan. 22nd
6:30pm @ BCRC – Downtown

It’s an Olympic year and we can’t wait for the U.S. Marathon Trials on February 3rd in Orlando, FL!  We’ll be hosting our customary Marathon Trials Fantasy Draft on Monday, January 22 from 6:30-8:30 pm at Bull City Running – Downtown.

Pizza, beverages, good times, and, of course, deals will be served to attendees and winners. If you enjoy running, the Olympics, and fun, or need another fantasy fix as the NFL season winds down, this is for you!


No fantasy or marathon experience necessary. Just select a couple competitors (men and women) in the draft to form your team and then cheer them on race day! Results are scored like cross country. ( i.e. your score consists of the combined finishing places of your runners and the lowest score wins the Fantasy U.S. Trials race!)


Oh, and did we mention that there will be prizes? YOU KNOW there will be prizes, courtesy of our sponsor, HOKA! All details and information on competitors will be sent out via email prior to the event.


This night of Olympic Trials fantasy fun is TOTALLY FREE! Register here if you plan to join us.