No Bull Speed Training Program

Are you ready to PR? This 8-week clinic is geared towards runners who have been comfortably and consistently running and are trying to improve fitness, speed, incorporate new training techniques into their running program.

All paces are welcome, but program participants should currently be running at least 15-20 miles per week. (This is *not* a “Couch-to-8K” program.)


Details about the format, considering COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order:

  • You will receive a training plan with a focus on a Tuesday workout and a Thursday effort (workout and/or drills), the latter depending on current fitness and comfort level. You will have flexibility in scheduling/spacing your runs.
  • You will receive specific pacing guidelines per your current fitness level based on the information you provided on your registration form. The pacing will vary based on the type of workout designed but will be specific to your current fitness and training goals. The paces will adjust based on your comfort level as you proceed through the training.
  • Weekly emails will be sent every Monday that include your training plan for the upcoming week. The email will include the specific workouts and any additional pertinent training information for the upcoming week. The email will provide all the details you need so that you don’t miss anything if you are unable to attend a Zoom chat (see below).
  • Every Monday at 5:30pm, we will host a Zoom chat (15-20 min) to go over the training for the week and answer any specific questions as well as cover any specific topics for the week. Workouts are scheduled for Tuesdays, but if you can’t get your run in on Tuesday, it’s also fine to adjust it to Wednesday. Coaches will be available for 1-on-1 Zoom chats with participants during the training period.
  • Training Videos: We are in the process of designing videos to cover dynamic warm-up and post run drills/strides. The dynamic warm-up video will cover a series of moves to get you properly ready for a run or workout. The Drill and Strides video will cover specific moves to be completed after a run 1-2 times a week.
  • Weekly Discounted Strength Training hosted virtually by Upright Athlete: Our friends at Upright Athlete have created a comprehensive strength training program for runners that you can do at home, no equipment required! You’ll get $2.00 off the class rate when you register for No Bull.
  • Feedback & Tracking mechanisms: Coaches are available for Zoom chats as well as accessible via email, but we will also provide a Google Doc for you to track your training during the week. We encourage you to share your running as well as any cross training activities. We’ll be able to see the comments you share after a run, especially the pace information after a workout and any questions at the end of the week.

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we reformat this training program to be virtual!



Cost: $90
Includes 8-week *VIRTUAL* training program with access to coaches, weekly Zoom chats, training videos, and discounted strength training sessions provided virtually by Upright Athlete. 

When & Where

8-Week Training Program through May 2020.

Due to the current stay-at-home order, training will be provided virtually. You are responsible for running on your own.

Program Format & Features

This clinic is a way to jump start your spring and summer season of fitness, running, cycling, triathlons, or curling. (Okay, we know nothing about curling, but we can help you with all the rest!). Goal Race: Running of the Bulls 8K road race (AKA Your Fastest 8K!).