Bull City Run Club

Join us for Bull City Run Club Season 13!
All humans, well-behaved furry friends on leash, and paces welcome!

**SEASON 13 KICKOFF: MARCH 15, 2023**
Every Wednesday @ 6:00pm. 

Come run with us!
Run Club meets at Bull City Running – Downtown. Rain or Shine!

Parking is available anywhere in the City Place parking lot (around Bull City Running Co.) and there is plenty of on-street parking around the neighborhood.
Throughout the season, we will invite local community partners and vendors to join us at run club. This is a great way to demo new product and learn about the experts and resources in our community that can assist with your training and recovery.

After the run, we invite you to enjoy many food and beverage options in the neighborhood with your new friends from Run Club!

How does this work?

– If you want, you can sign-up for a barcode to track your attendance and get it the next time you come to Run Club. It’s totally optional. You can also just show up to run whenever you want to! You can also sign-up at run club!
– Barcodes cost a whole $1.00. It’s a lifetime membership fee. Cash only. Exact change is appreciated.
– Check-in every time you come for fun rewards at the end of the season!
– 7+ runs = custom run club glassware; 15+ runs = custom pint + custom run club tech tee
– Season for attendance tracking runs from March – November (Daylight Savings Time)

Running Routes
We have options! You can choose from the following routes or choose your own adventure. You can download the routes below from Strava. If you are not familiar with the area, please print a map to take with you, or be prepared to follow the crowd!


It can be whatever you want it to be! If you want to show up every week and check in to let us know you’re here, that is great, and we will track your participation and reward you with fun stuff. Alternately, if you just want to show up whenever you are free and know that there is a fun group of folks to run and have a beer with, that’s great too!

All paces are welcome. Seriously. Period.

Be safe. It is your personal responsibility to see, be seen, obey pedestrian laws, be aware of potential hazards that include, but are not limited to: other runners, cars, cyclists, potholes, bronze bulls, curbs, flashing bulls, speed bumps, and fire hydrants. Remember to run against traffic and that jaywalking is against the law (and may result in an altercation with a vehicle = not a good start to the evening). Bull City Running assumes no responsibility or liability for your personal conduct or injury while running with the group.

Have fun! First and foremost, this is a social group. We all have at least 2 things in common: we like to run and we like to support local business. This is a great starting point! Try to meet someone new every week and find out what else you have in common!

Sign up and Check your Visits