Half & Full Marathon Training Program

Program Information

We have 2 program options for both distances. Both programs offer a structured training plan and use the Battleship Half Marathon and Richmond Half/Full Marathon as goal races, but plans can be tailored to accommodate other goal races as well!

The Level 1 program ($100) will focus on safely and effectively building a mileage base for completing a half/full marathon and will include pace groups for training. This program is appropriate for novice and first-time half/full marathoners.

The Level 2 program ($150) is for a more experienced runner who has a current mileage base of at least 25 miles/week for half marathon and 30 miles/week for full marathon training, has already completed a half or full marathon in the past year, and is interested in adding more rigorous training components (e.g., speed, strength) in order to reach a new personal time goal.

Depending on your running experience, current mileage, and personal goals, we can help determine which program is best for you.

When & Where

The 2020 Training Program will kick off Tuesday, July 14 @ 6:00pm. 

These training programs meet twice a week (Tuesdays at 6:15pm for shorter training run and/or speedwork, and Saturdays at 6:30am for longer run). Most Tuesday runs will alternate between both Bull City Running locations and Saturday runs will rotate among different locations in the Triangle for some variety!


Registration link will be posted when available!

Space is limited and will sell out!

After you complete the registration form, you can pay online, in-store, or by giving us a call when the store is open: 919-265-3904

Program Format & Features

Both programs are designed to provide the structure necessary for improvement and flexible enough to help you achieve your personal goals. They’re crafted to fit your training/race goals and work/life schedule and will be adjusted/modified as necessary throughout the program. Both programs will include two group runs/workouts per week (Tuesday and Saturday) in order to enhance your individual training regime. The workouts are focused on building strength, speed, and developing pacing skills.

TRAINING PLAN: Weekly running plan and pacing guidelines based on your current fitness level and goals, and a training calendar that includes information on your weekly workouts that are adjusted to accommodate your racing schedule. The program is designed to let you stay in control of your schedule and goal events while we provide guidance, structure, and encouragement.

GROUP TRAINING FORMAT: Runners train in a group atmosphere on Tuesday evenings (6:15pm) and Saturday mornings (6:30am). It’s much easier to get your runs in when you’re looking forward to seeing other participants and know they are there waiting for you! Our program emphasizes fun, camaraderie, and a supportive, educational environment. Most runs will start from Bull City Running and we will hit the American Tobacco Trail and trails/roads around Woodcroft and Hope Valley, but we will also venture out to other local trails and routes for some variety on Saturday long runs.

SUPPORT AND INFORMATION: We will provide you with helpful information and feedback throughout the training program. We’ll also schedule local fitness experts to visit and share information before/after our group runs that will help to address your concerns, compliment your training program, and keep you injury free!

OTHER BENEFITS: All participants will receive a 10% discount on all non-sale purchases at Bull City Running Co. during the entire training program (excludes Garmin products).

QUESTIONS: Email us, drop by the store, or call 919-265-3904.