Optimize Your Running

Thurs. October 13 @ 6:15pm
Bull City Running Co – South

Not all runs will be great runs, but there are some simple things you can do to set yourself up for a good run every time you lace up! Local physical therapist Anastasia Belikov of MVMT Physical Therapy will be at our south shop on Thursday, October 13th to share some tips  to maximize the benefit and enjoyment you get out of every run you go on!

Topics to be covered include the following:
  • Dynamic warm-up – 3 stretches to open up hips, warm up your legs, and get your blood moving
  • Tips and tricks during running – controlling foot pronation and knee valgus, streamlining running form, change up where you run since repeating uneven terrain only in one direction can distribute uneven load through your joints
  • Cool down – 3 stretches to stretch the lower back, calves/feet (anything else people want)
  • Extra – exercise to work on hip/ankle/foot strength-stability while engaging core muscles

This event will include plenty of active demonstrations. Please come dressed in comfortable athletic clothing and be prepared to move around. Bring a yoga mat or towel, as we will be doing some floor exercises.

This is a free event! Please register here to join us!