We have an outstanding group of experienced, friendly, and funny folks at Bull City Running Co. Come on in and let us help you find your next pair of shoes, some apparel to keep you comfortable, or a new trail in the area. Our advice is free, and the company is good.

Brett Harris

Brett Harris

Store Operations Manager - South

Hometown: I grew up in Colonial Heights, VA but moved to NC to attend college and have lived here in Durham for most of my life.

Favorite place to run: Any new city. When I was on tour it was the first thing I try I would try to do in town. I love seeing things on a morning run that would take me an entire day to see as a tourist. It helps me have a sense of connection to a place.

Favorite piece of gear: My Bull City Track Club singlet. Growing up playing other sports, I love the feeling of being connected to a team. Whenever I pull this out for race day I’m reminded of the hard work and early mornings I have put in and grounded by knowing I didn’t get there alone.

Favorite post-workout treat? Coffee, in just about any format.

If I weren’t so dang good at my job, I would…I worked for over 10 years as a full-time, independent singer-songwriter. I still perform from time to time and want to make more records but am in the middle of a studio building project.

Hidden talents: Most of the songs I write these days are collaborations with my two and a half year old son. We’re kind of an amazing duo.

Lindsey Funch

Lindsey Funch

Store Operations Manager - Downtown

Hometown: Rutland, VT

Favorite place to run: Might sound cliche, but Pre’s Trail in Eugene, OR. It was right near out house when we lived in Oregon, so I logged countless miles there and often saw the professional runners out on the path.

Favorite piece of gear: My Garmin. I won’t leave home without it.

Favorite post-workout treat: I absolutely love chocolate milk and pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies.

If I weren’t so dang good at my job, I would…be the giraffe handler at the zoo.

Hidden talents: Not sure if I’m talented at it, but I love baking.

Chance Newton

Chance Newton

Running Relationship Expert

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Favorite place to run: Downtown Raleigh and around the greenways by NC State/Meredith.

Favorite piece of gear: 2-3 inch split shorts. They’re pretty much what I wear every day.

Favorite post-workout treat: I don’t get it often (which I guess makes it a treat), but I love Which Wich subs. Still haven’t had the “Super” size yet; saving it for like a 30+ mile day.

If I weren’t so dang good at my job, I would…probably play video games and watch anime/read manga, but I do that anyway. Don’t think that pays too much, though.

Hidden talents: Baking!

Ellen Moss

Ellen Moss

Director of Community Engagement

Hometown: Rutherfordton, NC (Perhaps NC’s most multi-syllabic town?)

Favorite place to run: It’s a tie between the Arboretum/Shut-In Ridge Trail in Asheville and the Boston Marathon race course.

Favorite piece of gear: Any headband or pair of socks that has glitter and/or pictures of animals or baked goods on it.

Favorite post-workout treat: Mapleview Farms chocolate milk

If I weren’t so dang good at my job, I would…be a full-time, life-long summer camp counselor. I was devastated to learn that this wasn’t an actual job I could do in the real world after dedicating every summer of my college career to it.

Hidden talents: I know ALL the lyrics to EVERY early-to-mid 90’s country music song and can name the artist who sings each of them. (Brett Harris and I actually have this hidden talent in common, but he doesn’t like to talk about it.)

Eryn Clark

Eryn Clark

Training Programs Manager

Hometown: Durham, NC

Favorite place to run: The Al Buehler loop has been my go-to since high school.

Favorite piece of gear: Green Nike running socks that I have raced in every race since high school. I guess you could say they are my “lucky” socks.

Favorite post-workout treat: Anything sweet: ice cream, donuts, cookie etc. In Wilmington it was Pelican’s Snoballs.

If I weren’t so dang good at my job, I would…probably be personal training, or doing a better job at studying for the GRE.

Hidden talents: I like to surf. I wasn’t stellar at it but it was logged as cross training quite a bit while at school.

Jason Page

Jason Page

Co-founder & Owner

Hometown: I was born in Allentown PA, but my formidable growing years were in Phoenix, AZ.

Favorite place to run: Silver Falls State Park, OR

Favorite piece of gear: Trail shoes exploring a new trail

Favorite post-workout treat: Cinnamon roll(s)

If I weren’t so dang good at my job, I would…be a City Manager or Parks Director

Hidden talents: Questionable talent but I enjoy carpentry/wood working

Kim Chapman

Kim Chapman

Co-founder & Owner

Hometown: Kelowna, British Columbia

Favorite place to run: Locally, any trail along the Eno River. Out of town, hard to beat the old growth forest in the Pacific Northwest.

Favorite piece of gear: Oiselle Pocket Jogger Short. Simply the best. 

Favorite post-workout treat: Dark roast from Joe Van Gogh’s and just about anything at Monuts.

If I weren’t so dang good at my job, I would…lead epic eco-trail running tours overseas!

Any hidden talents to report? I’m Canadian 🙂 Plus, I can wiggle my eyes.

Pam Champlain

Pam Champlain

Running Relationship Expert

Hometown: Endwell, NY

Favorite place to run: In the woods!

Favorite piece of gear: Can’t live without the GPS watch.

Favorite post-workout treat: Pizza and beer!

If I weren’t so dang good at my job, I would…start my own nonprofit.

Hidden talents: I used to sing in a rock cover band. Now, I just rock out in the car.

…plus some other friendly faces that you can find in the store! Stop by and say hi!