Durham Social Distance Project

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the cancellation or postponement of many races and running meet-ups, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop running and training! To help you stay active, connected, and sane while doing your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’ve created the Durham Social Distance Project (DSDP).

The first activity of the DSDP is a Strava Segment Challenge!


Here’s the deal: 

Each Tuesday for the next 8 weeks, we’ll highlight a different Strava segment in Durham for you to run. You will have until the next Monday to run the specified segment. At the end of each week, all participants who completed the segment will be entered into a weekly prize drawing, and at the end of the 8 week period, runners who have run all 8 segments will be entered into a grand prize drawing.

Prizes will include race entries, Bull City Running Co. gift cards, Bull City Running Co. Goodr sunglasses, and gift cards to local businesses that are taking proactive measures to flatten the curve.

How to play: 

  1. Join our Durham Social Distance Project club on Strava (New to Strava? Download the app here. It can either sync with your fitness tracker or you can record activity right from your phone. Find out how to get started here, and search their knowledge base for any questions you have.)
  2. Every Tuesday, we’ll announce the featured Strava segment for the upcoming week here on our website, plus the announcement of the weekly winner for the previous week (we’ll use your Strava handle)
  3. Runs must be uploaded to Strava by 11:59pm Eastern on Mondays in order to be included in weekly prize drawings

Share your efforts!

In addition to uploading your activity to Strava, feel free to post to social media, too! Tag @bullcityrunning, and use #durhamsocialdistanceproject so that we can see what you’ve done!

Let’s get started: 

Strava Segment Challenge Week 1 (Tuesday, March 17 through Monday, March 23)
The winner of our first weekly prize drawing will be granted a $25 gift card to our store! – Congratulations to Jake Green!
Segment: NEW BRIDGE SEGMENT! (heading north)

Strava Segment Challenge Week 2 (Tuesday, March 24 through Monday, March 30)
The winner will be granted a $25 gift card to Monuts! – Congratulations to Tess Leuthner!

Strava Segment Challenge Week 3 (Tuesday, March 31 through Monday, April 6)
The winner gets a $25 gift card to Bean Traders!

As its name suggests, this segment is a part of the Third Fork Creek Trail. To access it, we recommend parking at Ace Hardware in the Woodcroft Shopping Center (Google Maps link), exiting the parking lot via Woodcroft Parkway, and heading right. You’ll stay on Woodcroft for several yards and then cross the street to pick up Third Fork Creek Trail. This marks the beginning of the segment. From there, follow the trail to its intersection of S Roxboro Street. No need to cross unless you want to keep going!

If you’d like a slightly longer running adventure, Third Fork Creek Trail continues north beyond Martin Luther King Parkway to Southern Boundaries Park. Or, if you want to connect to the American Tobacco Trail, you can do so by taking either MLK or Woodcroft Parkway east to Fayetteville.

You’re free to run this segment as part of ANY Third Fork Creek/ Woodcroft area route you’d like to be counted in our Week 3 prize drawing!

Support a small business while you’re at it: 

While you’re in beautiful South Durham, we recommend that you grab some delicious curbside take-out coffee from Bean Traders! Those guys are the social epicenter of our running community during better, different times, so we should all do our part to keep the caffeine flowing from a safe social distance!

Reminder: you have until 11:59pm on Monday, April 6 to upload your activity to Strava in order to be included in the Week 3 prize drawing!

How far will you get?

Let’s get out there and #rundrm at a safe social distance!


Weekly Strava Segments

Week 1 (Tuesday, March 17 through Monday, March 23)
NEW BRIDGE SEGMENT! (heading north)

Week 2 (Tuesday, March 24 through Monday, March 30)


Strava Club Activity


Q – Do I need to post my run/completion of the segment somewhere in order to be counted into the weekly prize drawing?

A – No need to post anything anywhere! All you need to do to participate is join the Durham Social Distance Project club on Strava (link) and make sure that your run including the segment of the week is uploaded to Strava by the Monday 11:59 pm deadline. Once you’ve done those to things we can track your completion of each segment through Strava.

Q- Can you count my completion of the assigned segment if it is part of a longer run?

A – Absolutely! As long as you are a member of the DSDP club and you’ve uploaded your run to Strava we will have a record of your segment completion even if it is sandwiched in between other miles.

Q- How can I check for myself that my completion of the weekly segment has been reported?

A- We’ll walk you through it! Here we go:

  • From the Strava dashboard on your computer (the mobile app does not have the same functionality for reporting weekly segment results), select “Segment Search” from the drop-down menu under “Explore.”
  • Type the name of the current week’s segment into the segment search dialogue box. For example, to find Week 1’s segment you would type in “NEW BRIDGE SEGMENT! (heading north)”. This will direct you to a map of the current week’s segment.
  • From here, scroll down until you see the “Leaderboards” column on the left side of the screen. You should find a list of Strava clubs that you are a member of under this heading. Click on “Durham Social Distance Project.”
  • This will bring up the leaderboard for our club. Find the drop-down menu to the right of “MY CURRENT PLACE” and “MY BEST TIME” and select “This Week.”
  • This will generate a list of all runners in the DSDP club who have completed the segment in the current week. If you see your name there, then we can see it too, and we will enter it into our weekly prize drawing!

Still have questions? Ellen is here to help! Send them to her directly at ellen@bullcityrunning.com.